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Bo, Denmark2014-05-30

Great service, very reliable. I would however wish for Blacklogic to support Windows Phone 8.1 VPN as described by Microsoft here http://technet.microsoft.com/en-us/dn673608


Skyway, USA2013-03-10

I'm up and working now, easy set up. So far looks good.

Brian, Qatar2013-03-10

Blacklogic is great. Service is fast and cheap - $100 for a whole year. My location blocks Hulu and iTunes and Blacklogic restores my access.

Gerof, UAE2013-03-10

Easy to setup, prompt communications, overall easy website to navigate. I liked being able to call the company toll-free and actually talk to a live human being.Thanks Guys

Daryl, United States2012-12-14

I am a longtime happy camper having used Blacklogic, Inc for VPN service for over 5 years. They have consistently provided good service.

Michael J, Qatar2012-09-25

Pretty good, easy, fast, and unlimited. I like Blacklogic VPN, and I'm gonna extend the package for another year.

SAMI A., Saudi Arabia2012-08-11

I was amazed by this service, how it's fast, easy and reliable with a responsible price.

John C, UAE2012-05-23

Without a doubt these guys are the industry best for providing a safe, quality and fast VPN experience. I have never had a single issue in over 2 years that has not been resolved instantly.

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Unblock Skype with a VPN account

 Unblock Skype With a VPN

Skype is the most used VoIP application in the world. It's no surprise in countries where it isn't available that any number of workarounds have arisen to fill the needs gap. If you're looking for a VPN, then you probably already know that free options like proxies are unreliable. Virtual private networks provide the speed and consistency you need use Skype how you want, without sacrificing your privacy and security.

The reason Skype is able to be blocked so easily by so many countries is referred to as geotagging. If your IP address emanates from inside the borders of a certain country, your geographical location is tagged and the flagged by a filter, which denies you access to VoIP applications. VPNs lift these restrictions by making you appear to be located in another country. But they also bore a tunnel into the unrestricted internet to give you a private passageway, free from data sniffers due to the anonymity of encrypting and decrypting your browsing information.

Why is Skype blocked in some countries?

Skype, most importantly, is affordable and easy to use -- and it comes with video chat. These benefits take many customers away from local telecom providers, which results in increased competition which is not tolerated by many countries. Instead, Skype is simply blocked and all those not using VPNs must pay whatever rate local communications providers wish to ask. Skype is usually accused of requiring too much bandwidth, but in fact the VoIP application uses a small amount. In some countries the popularity and usefulness of Skype has resulted in the removal of Skype blocking.

Which countries block the use of Skype?

Different countries censor the internet in different ways, usually in line with what governments consider economically and culturally acceptable. All countries which block the internet however must contend with the visitors and residents generally disliking policies of censorship. The internet offers something for everyone, and as a result most people don't view it as requiring censorship for adults.

Countries which block Skype and potentially other VoIP applications include: Anguilla, Antigua, Bahrain, the British Virgin Islands, Belize, Brazil, China, Cuba, Egypt, Iran, Germany, Grenada, Syria, the UAE and more. Sometimes governments block Skype, but largely private companies like T-mobile and other telecom providers perform blocking to create an economic monopoly.

Blacklogic ensures its VPN services stand out from the rest

Chances are, you've already tried a VPN service provider, a proxy or similar solution to your Skype problems. It's important to remember that when avoiding data sniffers, snooping governments and identity thieves that you don't want your security plan to backfire. The best characteristic to look for in a VPN provider is a consistent record of quality service provision. Our testimonials and the scope of our service offerings is testament to our record of quality. With longevity comes deeper knowledge about how customers use VPNs and what cutting-edge features they want. We have allowed thousands of users to once again enjoy the benefits of using VoIP applications like Skype, Line2 and Viber -- no matter their location on the globe.