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Recent Reviews

Skyway, USA2013-03-10

I'm up and working now, easy set up. So far looks good.

Brian, Qatar2013-03-10

Blacklogic is great. Service is fast and cheap - $100 for a whole year. My location blocks Hulu and iTunes and Blacklogic restores my access.

Gerof, UAE2013-03-10

Easy to setup, prompt communications, overall easy website to navigate. I liked being able to call the company toll-free and actually talk to a live human being.Thanks Guys

Daryl, United States2012-12-14

I am a longtime happy camper having used Blacklogic, Inc for VPN service for over 5 years. They have consistently provided good service.

Michael J, Qatar2012-09-25

Pretty good, easy, fast, and unlimited. I like Blacklogic VPN, and I'm gonna extend the package for another year.

SAMI A., Saudi Arabia2012-08-11

I was amazed by this service, how it's fast, easy and reliable with a responsible price.

John C, UAE2012-05-23

Without a doubt these guys are the industry best for providing a safe, quality and fast VPN experience. I have never had a single issue in over 2 years that has not been resolved instantly.

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VPN Service Benefits

  • What is VPN Service?

    Blacklogic VPN (Virtual Private Network) creates a secure tunnel between you and a safe server that encrypts and protects you and your information. Everyone needs this type of protection for using wireless hotspots, shared networks or any other internet access that is not completely controlled by the user.

    Some quick facts about us:
    We manage over 350 servers around the world and do our best to provide excellent services to our clients
    We do not distiribute/sell/exchange your private information to/with third parties unless you give us a written consent (some exceptions apply)
    Our company provides VPN and IT security consulting services for more than 10 years
  • Bypass local internet restrictions

    VPN stands for virtual private network - an encrypted tunnel over the Internet. Each VPN connection is totally secure on the internet. VPN internet access is an attractive and affordable option for people concerned about their online security and privacy.

    Here are some benefits of using our VPN service:
    Our reliable servers protect you at work or at school even behind restrictive
    Uncensored access to the Internet in the Middle East. VPN in UAE, Kuwait, Qatar, Bahrain gives you an opportunity to surf the Internet without any control.
    128 - 2048 bit Strong Encryption prevents even your ISP from spying!
  • Unblock Skype with a VPN account

    A VPN (Virtual Private Network) allows you to use Skype and bypass all blocked websites in countries as UAE, Panama, Belize, Mexico, China, Qatar... The web site of the popular consumer VoIP (Voice over Internet Protocol) company Skype has been blocked in the UAE, angering expatriates who have been using the firm's service to save money on international phone calls.

    Popular international VoIP providers such as Skype remain barred from operating in the UAE and there are no plans to open up the market to foreign companies "for the time being", Gheyath said, speaking at a press conference.

  • BBC iPlayer, Hulu with a VPN Account

    Many of you may have tried to watch Olympics 2012 on iPlayer abroad while on holiday, travelling or on assignment in a foreign country. You will of course have found that it does not work. It is however actually possible to watch iPlayer/Hulu abroad, in fact it is surprisingly easy, you will find all the best solutions here.

    How Do They Know I Am Abroad ?

    It is quite easy really, every device connected to the internet has a unique number, normally given to it by an Internet Service Provider (ISP), this number is called you IP address.

    To watch iPlayer outside UK or Hulu outside US you just need to make it look like you are NOT outside the UK/US, effectively you need to do what AOL is doing to those users in France.

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